Korea Productivity Association


생산성논집, Vol.31 no.4 (2017)

제4차 산업혁명과 자동차산업


(군산대학교 융합기술창업학과 교수)

The Fourth Industrial Revolution(or The Industry 4.0) is “a revolutionary change due to artificial intelligence in science, technology, economic activity, social structure, and political form as well as human daily life.” In this paper, we focused on two changes in the automobile industry that will emerge due to the 4th Industrial Revolution. The changes are widespread of smart factories and emerging self-driving cars. The potential of automobile companies that can lead the era of such changes will be ① financial affordability, ② R&D capability, ③ modularization and parts sharing, and ④ national policies. Hyundai Motor Company is compared with Toyota Motor Company in the four aspects. First, the financial strength is compared with the amount of retained earnings of the company, compared with $ 576 million for Hyundai Motor, Toyota has $ 1,574 million. Second, R&D capabilities were measured through R&D achievements. Comparing the number of patents related to self-driving technologies (autonomous driving, driver assistance, telematics) between January 2010 and October 2015, Toyota has overwhelmingly more patents than Hyundai. The number of patents of Toyota is about twice that of Hyundai Motors, excluding the Toyota affiliated Denso. US companies tend to acquire technology through mergers and acquisitions of companies rather than developing their own technologies, and Japanese and Korean companies tend to develop their own technologies. And the most innovative company to develop self-driving cars in German is the parts company, Bosch. It means German auto makers solve the R&D in supply chain. In addition, Toyota has already shifted from development of advanced driver assistance systems to autonomous driving functions. Hyundai Motor is, however, still in the stage of developing advanced driver assistance system technologies and tends to focus on connectivity technologies (telematics). And the initiative to support the Fourth Industry Revolution at the national level of Korea does not seem to be better than Japan. Taken together above mentioned information, Toyota's potential for the Fourth Industrial Revolution is estimated to be two to three times higher than Hyundai Motor's.

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