Korea Productivity Association


pISSN: 1225-3553

생산성논집, Vol.33 no.3 (2019)

DOI : 10.15843/kpapr.33.3.2019.09.131

가족친화제도에 대한 유용성 지각과 근로자 행동 간 관계 : 일-가정 균형 만족도의 매개효과


(세한대학교 항공서비스학과 조교수, 경기대학교 서비스경영전문대학원 박사과정 수료)


(수원과학대학교 항공관광과 조교수)


(경기대학교 경영학과 부교수)

Social exchange theory is an exchange relation that is based on transactions in an organizational context. People tend to maintain equity in relation to other people or objects. Organizational situations are exchanges based on transactions. When you receive something beneficial, you will act in the direction of repayment. Work-family issues related to the psychological or physical state of the individual were treated as the outcome variables, but there was not much research on the organizational behavior of the organizational members. Based on the results of a few previous researches, it is analyzed that if a family-friendly system that helps oneself and their family members are useful to a worker and his or her family members, it affects the behavior and attitude of the individual positively. Employees who are highly satisfied with the work-family reconciliation policy are perceived as receiving recognition, investment, and support from the organization, thereby forming a trust in the organization. Recently, as competition between organizations has become more intense than ever, and all situations surrounding the organization are changing rapidly, there is a growing voice that voluntary efforts and activities are important for achieving organizational goals more than those defined for individual members. Therefore, when the employee's satisfaction with work-family reconciliation policy matches or is higher than the value emphasized in the organization or occupation, the employee is more motivated and more committed to the organization by changing behavior and attitude. The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of perceived usefulness of family - friendly system on the behavior of workers by integrating the two needs of this study and to examine the effect of work - family balance satisfaction as a factor mediating this relationship. In other words, we examine how the perceived usefulness of the family-friendly system affects the work-family balance satisfaction, in-role performance, and organizational citizenship behavior. We also examine how work - family balance satisfaction affects employee performance and organizational citizenship behavior. Finally, through this relationship, the effect of the perceived usefulness of the family - friendly system on the behavior of workers is examined in an integrated manner. Through the verification of this relationship, this study aims to contribute to the expansion of the theoretical discussion in the work - home research and suggest the direction of the family - friendly system which is actually helpful to the workers.

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